Privacy Policy

This website is used for labelling images that are chosen from your computer. The images are not uploaded or stored on the server. Instead, when you access this website using a web browser, the web browser will download computer code that will allow you to process and manipulate images on your own computer. At no time is the actual image uploaded to the server that distributes the computer code.

If in the future, image data or other data is sent to the server distributing the computer code, this privacy policy will be updated.

This website is hosted on a web server operated by a third party web host that keeps track of usage statistics. Information that is sent from your browser to the web server will be collected, and may be used to understand how users use the website. Information that may be collected from you includes your IP address, the request URL including any parameters that may be passed in, the time and date of a request for data, the name of files collected, the request protocol. This list is not exhaustive.

The web host provides raw log files, Webalizer Visitor Statistics, AWStats and Analog Visitor Statistics, and I use these tools to analyze website usage.

The web host used is and I have selected to use the server belonging to them which is located in Michigan in the United States of America.

Updated July 14, 2021